Sunday, February 20, 2011

So how about this crazy weather, huh? It's just gone full moon. The weather is in flux. Sun shiny and warm one minute and wintry the next. That's typical of this city, though. Yesterday, I decided it was high time to get some gardening therapy in. I took to the lawn mowing for all of 5 minutes then the sky erupted and rain began to fall. Sideways. I quickly packed up and raced inside. I decided that lawn mowing with an electric mower, in the rain, was a bad idea.

So I tried again this morning. I managed to finish the lawn this time round. I even raked the cut freshly grass from the lawn. I found both the lawn mowing and the raking of grass to be satisfying on multiple levels. The feeling of accomplishment, for having finished cutting the grass after abruptly aborting the first attempt. The repetition of mowing, and the rhythm of raking, was soothing to the chaotic early morning Taurean mind and yet appealed to the need for some release of physical energy.

While cutting away at the jungle that had grown in some areas of the yard, I discovered the Lavender plant still growing strong, despite being surrounded by tall grass. I also peeked into the overgrowing pumpkin plant and found a baby pumpkin emerging from the foliage. I will look more into the garden situation tomorrow morning, so I can remove the overgrowth and prepare to sow the winter crop, and see what treasures may have sprouted from the compost.

The vegetable stealing Italian lady from next door, also visited. She seems to have changed alot in the past few months. I get the feeling that loneliness is consuming her, since her family only visit when they need her to babysit, and very little else. She shared with me some of her home grown produce, some tomatoes and some basil, and advised me on how I could use them for dinner. She also offered me a pair of "special scissors" as she called them, so I could trim the edges of the lawn, not accessible by the mower. She obligingly ran back home to get me her special scissors. They were but the paper scissors she uses to trim the plants in her own small courtyard garden. I think I will gift her some gardening tools the next time I stop by the hardware store so it is easier for her to tend to her plants. The special scissors can't be good for her arthritis. No my arthralgia. Although I will admit to using them. Just a bit. I know she watches us from the second story window. And the front door. Despite her nosiness, and her past spate of vegie stealing her gesture was very sweet. In a way she reminds me of my own grandmother. Forever asking "why you not marry?".

Communing with nature today, has been a wonderful way to reconnect with the earth and my backyard after being away for what seems like ages. Nurture and comfort has been a mutual gift to the earth and back to me. Healing, transformative, restorative.

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